Expert shrink wrapping service at your location.

Pontoon boats, sailboats, cruisers, runabouts... we do them all!

Julian Boatworks Duluth and superior shrink wrapping

Providing boat owners with Out of Sight, Out of Mind protection.

No more leaking or need for tarps | Protects against sun or wind damage | Prevents mildew
Julian Boatworks Duluth and superior shrink wrapping

pontoon | ski | runabout
and personal watercraft

cruiser shrinkwrap

cruisers | sailboats
and custom hoop structures

shrink wrap transport

pick-up and delivery services
outdoor storage

airplane shrinkwrap

automobiles | airplanes
what ever you need protected

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Shrink wrapping creates a waterproof cover, impervious to UV, wind, rain, and snow. Shrink wrap works as a deterrent for rodents, small animals, and even theft.

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We do our best to schedule convenient times to get your wrapping done, as such location may dictate when the service can be performed.




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