About Us

Northland Shrink Wrap
is a mobile shrink-wrapping service.

The Northland Shrink Wrap

A complete shrink-wrapping service.
We cover the Twin Ports of Duluth/Superior and surrounding area.

Northland Shrink Wrapping provides Twin Ports boat owners an excellent way to protect their sailboats, cruisers, runabouts, and pontoon boats from UV, snow and ice damage while venting keeps them dry.

In addition, shrink wrapping helps reduce road hazards during transport. These hazards include salt, chipping from rocks or debris, diesel soot, weather, and wind. Our experience has led to very specific techniques that will ensure the wrap stays in place.

What We Do... and Do It Well

We provide you with an expert shrink-wrap installation using the highest quality shrink films providing a tight fitting cover that will resist wind, rain, and snow.

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